First Day


The Winooski River flows through the heart of Vermont, cutting through the middle of the state from Marshfield in the mountains running east to west. West being Lake Champlain as to where it finally stops. It’s 2018, first week of June. The water flows have slowed down from the early spring thaw, water is running at 675 gpm. The state of Vermont’s, fish and game has planted their trout’s of may colors throughout the rivers length. I decided this mild 52 degrees, mid-week no one to have to share the river with, and very overcast day.
As I’m walking down to my little piece of the great Winooski River, I’m following a small stream that feeds into it, enjoying the sounds of birds, and swatting flies away from my face, I hear a splash! I look with anticipation, I see fish starting to rise along the edge of the river. It’s my first time out fishing for the trout this season, so when I see ripples and hear a splash. I’m like a little boy seeing it for the first time, I’m still about 30’ from the river’s edge, I stand from the distance admiring the river looking for signs of life. I’m looking for bug life, trout love bugs whether swimming in the water or flying from the water. I can’t find any signs of bugs flying off, but my ears keep hearing the splash of fish catching flies. So, when in doubt start at the bottom of the fly box and work your way through it till you either hit the right one or you find flies that are lifting off the water. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I’m a fly fishing nut, fully outfitted in the chest waders (brown of course) and the camo rain jacket to break up the outline of a human, if the sun decides to show up.
I start with a #14 black stone nymph I work the water so ever carefully along the river, “Nada” it wasn’t appealing to Mr. Trout. I still haven’t seen a fly lift off yet, I’ve dabbled with trying to make my own flies. I got into the next row of my flies, I put a #12 brown stone that is kind of buggy like part nymph, part emerger. I start over carefully working the water, in fact right through the middle of where two ripples had formed, “Not even a look sees.” Then it happens, a small white #14 mayfly, emerges from the water. I hurry like a little kid again, I pull my fly out of the water, cut it free and start looking for a mayfly emerger, nothing I have is the right size, so I settle onto a #14 emerger/ attractor with a white puff on it, I fumble around finally I get it tied onto the line. I start fishing the fly working the water, slowly and methodically. Wondering where all those trout are in the river? Suddenly I, got woken up I had a sudden jerk taking my line upstream, it was a nice rainbow 6-8”. I released him unharmed to play another day. I was pumped up now, I toss the fly one more time upstream. Watching it floating towards me, then I see a swirl the line goes tight. It, heads for the deep section, I turn the fish around and get him to swim towards me. Five minutes later I had a nice 12’’ Brown Trout, I unhooked him let him rest in my hand for a moment and off he went, I said goodbye to him with a smile on my face some day we will play again. I looked at my emerger fly it had held to the two trout but it’s time to recycle it. I only spent a few hours but it was well worth the enjoyment. – BBCary


Internet Crimes

Hi Everyone 🙂

Don’t get me wrong I love the internet just as  much as the next person, my cell phone on regular basis since last month has been loading up with junk!! Yeah I no everyone get’s junk mail.. But do you get scam emails on a daily basis  business’s and individuals saying I want to give you millions of dollars.. God I wish it was true, but nothing comes for free.. So I have been searching the internet trying to find a way to put a stop to the emails, But I found something interesting .. to me at least so I thought I would share parts of it as I get the chance.

This is shared from the 2017 Internet Crimes Report, I Believe its a FBI website please read .

About the Internet Crime Complaint Center The mission of the FBI is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States. The mission of the IC3 is to provide the public with a reliable and convenient reporting mechanism to submit information to the FBI concerning suspected Internet-facilitated criminal activity, and to develop effective alliances with industry partners. Information is analyzed and disseminated for investigative and intelligence purposes, for law enforcement, and for public awareness. In an effort to promote public awareness, the IC3 produces this annual report to aggregate and highlight the data provided by the general public. The quality of the data is directly attributable to the information ingested via the public interface The IC3 attempts to standardize the data by categorizing each complaint based on the information provided. The IC3 staff analyzes the data to identify trends in Internet-facilitated crimes and what those trends may represent in the coming year.

IC3 History In May 2000, the IC3 was established as a center to receive complaints of Internet crime. There have been 4,063,933 complaints reported to the IC3 since its inception. Over the last five years, the IC3 has received an average of more than 284,000 complaints per year. The complaints address a wide array of Internet scams affecting victims across the globe.1
1 Accessibility description: Image includes yearly and aggregate data for complaints and losses over the years 2013 to 2017. Over that time period, IC3 received a total of 1,420,555 complaints, and a total reported loss of $5.52 billion.


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You know it’s getting pretty bad when you open your e-mails and find a scam letter addressed to you from somewhere on the other side of the world saying you have just been awarded millions of $$ and they can’t even spell the dam letter correctly. I’ve managed to get onto somebodies radar I’ve got over 80 of these fine letters in my e-mail you know it would be interesting to find out why I can’t just have the money instead they seem to think I should pay to have some dumb postmen on the other end of the world hand delivery it

So I decided I would e-mail the little rascals and I told them I want my dam money hmm nobody answered me I thought it might be better than the lottery!!

Oh well those rascals better watch out I have a good sense of humor I will figure away to pick on them too


BoyI’  LOL

Internet Scams


From: “Mr.Emmanuel Okoro” <>
Date: March 5, 2018 at 12:57:32 PM EST
Subject: From United Bank for Africa Plc Benin.
Reply-To: “Mr.Emmanuel Okoro” <>
nited Bank For Africa Representative
Phone (229) 605 214 47
Fax(229)99 53 47 51
From United Bank for Africa Plc Benin.

Attn: Beneficiary

I am Mr.Emmanuel Okoro,The new Accountant Managing Director audit of UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA (UBA BANK) Plc Benin Republic and i am writing to notify you of a payment file containing your funds which has been issued out to you by the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Please indicate if you have received your compensation funds sum of (U.S.D $10.5MILLION Dollars) We have tried all our possible means to contact you since your name and email were stated on the manifest list submitted by the world Bank external auditors but it failed and we want to know if you are still Alive, so that we can finalized this transaction once and for all thanks and remain Bless.

Finally, you have the opportunity to enjoy positive New Year if you Corporate and follow the official instructions mandated for the processing Release of your fund worth (TEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND USA DOLLARS Million ONLY)Be informed that you are not allowed to correspond with any person or office anymore, You are required to send bellow Information for your transfer immediately:

1) Your First Name*:
2) Last Name*:
3) Your Home Address*:
3) Your Contact Telephone and Fax No*:
4) Occupation*:
5) Attach copy of your ID*:
6) Bank Name*:
7) Bank Address*:
8) Account Name:
9) Account Number*:
10)Swift Code*:
11) Routing Number:

As soon as we receive the above mentioned information,Your payment will be processed and released into you personal Bank Account immediately without any further delay

Yours Sincerely
Mr.Emmanuel Okoro,
United Bank For Africa Representative